Spring is upon us in Door County at least according to the calendar. And although the visible signs of spring can be a bit fickle to predict, there’s no denying the excitement they bring. The ice on the bay that begins to crack and melt in magnificent mosaic patterns. Or the burst of color as our hallmark apple and cherry blossoms come into bloom. Or the much-anticipated sound of songbirds returning to the peninsula’s forests. There is a certain ebb and flow to the pace of life in Door County and at no other time is that more apparent than spring.
In fact, if your dream of owning property in Door County was calling to you a little louder this past winter, these calm, slower days of spring may be the perfect time to get better acquainted with the region. The months leading up to when the peninsula is bustling with activity present a unique opportunity to meet and visit with both year-round resident and seasonal residents who are returning home. Strike up a conversation while grabbing a cup of coffee or ask your waiter for a few pointers while enjoying dinner in town.
Where do they live? What do they like about their community? What are its drawbacks? Gathering some first-hand accounts can be especially helpful if you’re trying to decide where in Door County to focus your search whether you are relocating, buying a vacation home, or exploring investment properties. Read on for more information about some of the area’s most sought-after communities, plus a few highlights that make these communities stand out.


Entering Ephraim, the scene before you looks as if it was plucked from a vintage postcard. Quaint white buildings and cottages dot the landscape overlooking Eagle Harbor. Across the bay, Peninsula State Park and Eagle Bluff cast a dramatic backdrop to the water peppered with sailboats. Its close proximity to the water, family-friendly atmosphere, and quaint appearance make this tiny village of just 346 residents one of the most welcoming and prettiest places you could hang your hat.

Fish Creek

With its Rockwellian appearance, historic charm, and friendly demeanor, it's no wonder Fish Creek has numerous “Best Places” accolades to its name. The gateway to Peninsula State Park and home to several arts organizations, Fish Creek is where nature and culture meet. The downtown area is also home to shops and restaurants, some of which are open year-round. An unincorporated village within the Township of Gibraltar, the community’s outlying area also provides opportunities to explore more rural properties.

Sister Bay

Sister Bay has become a hub of activity after undergoing an extensive downtown street reconstruction a few years ago. And although its vibrant dining scene, shops, hotels, and expansive beachfront give off a slightly more “urban vibe” than some of the other communities, there’s a hometown feel about it that can only be found in Door County. Sister Bay is also home to many conveniences and amenities, including a major health clinic and full grocery store.

Egg Harbor

Egg Harbor offers a little bit of everything. Panoramic water views, family-friendly beaches, trendy wineries and breweries, quaint shops, and a relaxed pace that is decidedly Door County. It’s easy to see why many regard it as the “unofficial” starting place of Northern Door County. The small town with coastal charm is also home to The Kress Pavilion, which houses the village’s library and acts as a host venue to cultural programming throughout the year.

Baileys Harbor

If you prefer sunrise over sunset, the laid-back harbor town of Baileys Harbor might be a perfect fit. As Door County’s gateway to Lake Michigan, it offers picturesque views of the day’s beginning anywhere along the waterfront. Long hailed as the “quiet side” of Door County, Baileys Harbor has experienced its own season of renewal in recent years with the addition of new businesses, shopping and dining experiences, and town amenities that provide residents with an ideal balance of solitude and activity.

Ellison Bay

If you want your next home to be a haven that’s “away from it all” but with easy access to all Door County and the surrounding area have to offer Ellison Bay is worth exploring. Located in the northern portion of the peninsula, Ellison Bay is the antithesis of the hustle and bustle of most urban and suburban areas. But stay awhile and you’ll soon learn this tiny hamlet is buzzing with activity, culture, and community.
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